━━━━ ⠀⠀Lady First Singapore X Holistic Way⠀⠀ ━━━━

Lady First 女人我最大 is back in Singapore for another season! Stay tuned to StarHub TV starting 23 July where fashionista and beauty guru Pauline Lan will share the latest tips on fashion, beauty, health and wellness. Don’t miss out!

We are also proud to announce that we are the official Main Sponsor of Lady First 女人我最大 Singapore Season 7! Be sure to tune in to gain exclusive celebrity insights and tips on our Holistic Way products!


Lady First is the longest-running Taiwanese variety television show on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Its first overseas spin-off, Lady First Singapore, returns to Hub E City (Ch 111/825) for its seventh season!

In Lady First Singapore, join Lady First’s and Taiwan’s fashionista, Pauline Lan and Taiwan’s renowned beauty and fashion experts, Kevin Chou, Liu Yan and Tony as they dish out advices and tips about the latest beauty and fashion trends. We also have top local stylist experts, Keith Png, Bryan Gan, Clarence Lee and more, who will offer useful insights and tips on beauty and fashion that are catered to the Singaporean audience.

Lady First Singapore premieres on 23 July 2019. Catch it on Hub E City (Ch 111/825) every Tuesday at 8pm!


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